Using the JDBC TestStep in SoapUI
Test and Monitor | Posted February 14, 2013

Check out this video where Robert Schneider, from WiseClouds, shows us how to use the JDBC TestStep inside SoapUI. This allows you to easily work with databases that use the JDBC protocol.

By using this TestStep in SoapUI you can inspect the contents of any JDBC database, so long as it uses a JDBC driver. You will be able to create some very sophisticated queries against the database, and back them up by applying assertions to them.

Testing your database by using the JDBC TestStep allows for complete end-to-end testing in SoapUI, meaning you can tell whether or not information you send to the service actually made it all the way to the back end database.

This video goes through how to connect to a JDBC database in SoapUI, run a query against it, and applying assertions to the results.


Robert Schneider is a senior consultant for WiseClouds, a SmartBear partner that offers training in using SoapUI. He has provided distributed computing, database optimization and other technical expertise to a wide variety of enterprises in the financial, technology and government sectors. 

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