Unprepared Geeks - "Lipstick on a Pig"
Test and Monitor | Posted October 12, 2012

Unprepared Geeks is SmartBear’s biweekly video-podcast about all things tech and quality. Tag along as the people behind soapUI and loadUI get together and discuss recent events, gadgets, and hot topics.



Today Henrik Johansson, Erik Yverling, Niclas Reimertz, and Henrik Olsson discuss:


00:35 – Creating your own coding language

More and more both homegrown and professional coding languages as popping up. What are the positives of moving away from “mainstream” languages? Are there negatives?

6:30 – Microsoft plans to release buggy version of Windows 8 

When is it acceptable to release incomplete products? Is there a difference between doing it for an Operating System compared to web sites?

13:31– Marry, Boink, Kill

The team throws their verdict on a few of the latest events, gadgets, and topics and decide which ones, if forced, they would marry, boink, and kill.


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