The Seven Fundamentals of Mission-Critical Service Testing

Welcome to the first part our eight-part webinar series about “The Seven Fundamentals of Mission-Critical Service Testing.” In this series, Robert Schneider, from our training-partner WiseClouds, goes through what you should be thinking about if you’re testing mission-critical services. Even if they’re not necessarily mission-critical, you should probably be following these guidelines.

Because Web services lack a GUI, which usually makes the user interaction fairly constrained, they require much more rigorous testing. Since anyone can send anything to a service it’s important that you thoroughly test the business logic, data, exception handling and security aspects of your service.

In this first part of “The Seven Fundamentals of Mission-Critical Service Testing” Robert gives us a brief introduction to the series; how they came up with the list, how Web service testing differs from testing GUI-based applications, and then a short rundown of the Seven Fundamentals.

Stay tuned as this series continues. The next episode, which goes through how to make sure you are thoroughly testing your services, will be published here in the next few weeks.

Robert Schneider is a senior consultant for WiseClouds, a SmartBear partner who offers training in using SoapUI. He has provided distributed computing, database optimization, and other technical expertise to a wide variety of enterprises in the financial, technology, and government sectors.

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