The REST is coming to SoapUI!
Test and Monitor | Posted August 22, 2013

Hello SoapUI users!

I'm happy to announce we will soon be releasing SoapUI 4.6!

This is the first release of SoapUI focusing on testing REST based services since SoapUI 2.5 -- The REST Release.  It's a rather small release, but it contains a completely new way of quickly creating REST projects; a way, which I believe, is also very easy to understand. We'll be adding this to make the ability to create REST-testing requests easier and more visible, bringing it up to par with our SOAP testing services.

Deciding which features should be added in each new release is the toughest part of my job. I have to select what users want from a long list of features, as well as make improvements to older features that are problematic. I think the 4.6 release manages to squeeze both of these things into a single user story:

"As Persona Calvin, I want to create a REST project easily."

You see, we use personas that represent archetypes of users when we write user stories at SmartBear. This role-playing process helps us understand the different user groups’ demands.

This release contains the first of a number of REST features that we are planning to add to SoapUI. The next big release (5.0) will be adding even more REST-enabling features, but we thought it was important to give the REST users a sneak preview of what is in the pipeline.

However, in order to make the next release really, really useful for all of our users, we would like to know what you think of our first REST release. Please use the forums or mail our support to give us feedback. This is your chance to influence the upcoming release!

In 4.6 we will be pouring in just as much love and just as many features into both the Open Source and Pro version of SoapUI. For the later release, however, we will be looking at rewarding our Pro customers with even more time-saving and powerful features, making your testing faster and delightful.

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