TestComplete 6 Sneak Peek - Testing 64-bit Applications
Test and Monitor | Posted August 16, 2007

TestComplete 6 is currently under development, the information contained in this article is not final and may change at any time.

The growing popularity of 64-bit platforms encourages developers to create 64-bit versions of their products, while QA departments are busy looking for an automated testing tool that supports 64-bit application testing.

At AutomatedQA, we have received many requests from our users asking us to implement the 64-bit applications support in TestComplete, our automated testing environment. As a result, the upcoming TestComplete 6 will include full-scale support for 64-bit applications.

Version 6 includes the new 64-bit Applications Support plug-in that lets TestComplete detect 64-bit .NET and Windows applications. If this plug-in is installed and enabled, TestComplete can recognize 64-bit applications and work with them, otherwise it cannot. The plug-in interacts with the 64-bit code via TestComplete’s TCHookX64.exe module that is automatically launched when you start TestComplete. Note that if you terminate this module, the 64-bit apps support will be disabled.

How you work with 64-bit applications in TestComplete doesn’t differ from how you work with 32-bit applications. You can still explore the application’s objects hierarchy in the Object Browser, record actions with the application, playback the recorded scripts and much, much more. You can also create 64-bit Open Applications and use their internal methods, properties and actions in scripts.

Scripts recorded for your 32-bit version app will work just as well for your 64-bit version, and vice versa, assuming that these versions have the same UI. So, you won’t have to develop new tests for the 64-bit version of your app and you can just reuse your tests that were created for your 32-bit application version.

To help you determine whether the application that you are working with is 32-bit or 64-bit, TestComplete adds a new ProcessType property to all process objects. This property returns the “x86” or “x64” string, depending on the process type:

You can use this property to check the application type from scripts and perform specific actions for 32-bit and 64-bit tested application.

For many developers, porting applications to a 64-bit platform is just a matter of time and TestComplete 6 provides full-featured support for 64-bit applications, which lets you ensure the high quality of your products for 64-bit platforms.


For a complete list of changes made to TestComplete, see What’s New in TestComplete 6.


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