TestComplete 6 Sneak Peek: Logical Folders In Project Explorer
Test and Monitor | Posted August 26, 2007

TestComplete 6 is currently under development, the information contained in this article is not final and may change at any time.

Project suites can contain several projects, each project contains several project items and most project items can have child elements. When a project is large it can become rather sophisticated and sometimes it is difficult to find a child element. The solution is to reorganize the child elements in a logical order: tasks performed, element’s owners, subjects affected and so on. To do this TestComplete 6 introduces logical folders.

Logical folders are virtual helper elements that affect how other elements are displayed in the Project Explorer. The images below show the same project, but on the second picture the scripting units are moved to several logical folders. As you will see, the second picture looks more structured and well-organized.

Project Explorer Without Folders     

Project Explorer With Folders
Project Explorer With Folders

Folders can only contain child elements of the item to which the folder belongs. For instance, a folder added to the project suite node may only contain projects, but not project items. Similarly, the subfolders added to the Script project item may only contain scripting units, but not tested applications, images or any elements of another type.

The folders and subfolders are created, renamed and removed via the context menu of the Project Explorer. You can add a folder to any item of the Project Explorer panel that may contain child elements, that is, you can add folders to project suites, projects, project items and project items’ elements that may have child items. A new folder is added as the child element of the element being selected.

Logical folders don’t have physical representation, therefore you can enhance your existing projects with logical folders. Also, they do not change the file structure of a project suite or project, so version control systems would handle project suites and projects as they would do this without the logical folders.


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