TestComplete 4 Sneak Peek - Project Explorer
Test and Monitor | Posted September 14, 2005

TestComplete 4 includes a handy new Project Explorer panel which is used for navigating, adding and altering Project Items. In other words, the new Project Explorer panel provides an organized view of your project suites, projects and their child elements. It provides quick access to any project item and lets you easily manage the project contents and the test log.

Below is a screenshot of the Project Explorer Panel. As you can see it organizes the Project Items by two trees, the Project Suite (HelloSample) tree and the Logs (HelloSample Logs) tree. The Project Suite tree includes various child items, for example, Project (VBScript), Events, Name Mapping, Script and Tested Apps. The Logs tree contains testing logs as its child items and they are organized by date and time in the order of oldest (top log) to newest (bottom log). At the top of the Project Explorer panel is a toolbar that contains controls for adding new projects, adding project items or child items, closing the project suite, running the entire project suite or just running a single project in the project suite.

Project Explorer Panel

The nice thing about the Project Explorer panel is how easy it is to add or change the Project Items. Sure, the layout is nice and a great improvement from TestComplete 3, but everyone that has been around computers is use to viewing and navigating a tree structure. What I like, is the fact that if you wanted to add a new Project Item, you simply right click the Project (VBScript) and click Add | New Item to display the Create Project Item dialog.

The Create Project Item dialog displays unused Project Items in a list format with one line descriptions for each Project Item. To add an item, simply double click it. To edit and existing Project Item, again, simply double click it in the Project Explorer Panel. To delete an existing Project Item, right click it and select delete. To rename and item, highlight it and press F2 on the keyboard. Now, I have worked with a lot of software over the years and take a lot of things for granted when using some software programs. And if you are like me, "we" usually take the user interface portion of a software application for granted and deal with cumbersome features that aren't always easy to use. With the Project Explorer panel even the most novice of users can easily and effectively access, navigate or alter TestComplete 4 Project Suites.