TestComplete 4 Public Beta
Test and Monitor | Posted October 16, 2005

TestComplete 4 is the latest version of our award-winning test automation tool TestComplete. In this new version, the user interface has been vastly enhanced and the core subsystems (for instance, the recording and playback engines) have been optimized to improve the speed of execution and memory consumption.

Following is a brief list of new features and enhancements. For a detailed list, please consult the What's New topic in TestComplete help.

 * Unicode support.

TestComplete 4 fully supports Unicode. You can type multi-byte or double-byte characters in the Code Editor and TestComplete can simulate keystrokes with such characters. All these changes allow you to test applications that use multi-byte or double-byte strings  (Japanese, Chinese, various Asian languages, etc.)

 * Testing of applications running under a user account.

Previous versions of TestComplete could be installed and run only under an Administrator account. With version 4, you can run TestComplete under any user account, regardless of the account under which it was installed and registered.

 * Enhanced support for .NET applications.

TestComplete 4 offers support for 64-bit properties and fields, arrays and null strings. It also offers special scripting methods to operate with objects in .NET applications and introduces enhanced support for calling GUI methods. Borland's VCL.NET framework is now also fully supported.

 * Enhanced support for Java applications.

TestComplete 4 will now always recognize Java applications created with Swing, AWT, SWT and WFC libraries as Open Applications. There is no need to recompile these applications to get access to their internal objects, methods and properties. Version 4 also introduces support for properties and fields of type long as well as support for arrays and null strings. It also includes special scripting methods to operate with objects in Java applications and offers enhanced support for calling GUI methods. TestComplete 4 also supports one more Java virtual machine - BEA JRockit 5.0.

 * Extended support for unit testing.

You can execute unit tests created with MSTest, NUnit or JUnit directly from your TestComplete projects. The support for unit tests created in earlier versions of TestComplete has also been implemented.

 * Manual Testing.

TestComplete 4 includes support for manual testing. When executing a manual test, TestComplete 4 shows a window to describe the user actions to be performed. After performing the actions, the tester can click a button to confirm whether the test succeeded or failed. Manual testing lets you easily mix automated tests (tests that do not require user intervention) with tests that should be performed manually.

 * Improved Web testing.

Earlier versions of TestComplete had access to elements of Web pages shown in Internet Explorer only. Now TestComplete has access to elements of Web pages shown  in any instance of the Web Browser control (including when the IE web browser component is compiled in your application). TestComplete 4 also can record user actions performed on modal dialogs shown by Web pages (e.g. Web dialogs created with the ShowModalDialog method).

 * Changes in the program objects.

TestComplete 4 introduces many enhancements to the program objects to allow you to create more powerful scripts.

   The enhancements include:

    - Natural tree model of the tested objects.

    - Support for timers.

    - Improved ways to simulate keystrokes (including automatic switching between keyboard layouts and working with hieroglyphs).

    - Enhanced clipboard support.

    - Namespaces to resolve possible naming conflicts.

    - More information on operating system, processes and windows.

    - Etc.

 * Improved load testing.

The HTTP load testing functionality of TestComplete includes several improvements:

    - Visual creation of load tests - with TestComplete 4, you can create and execute load tests visually without writing a single line of code. With the new Load Test Editor, even inexperienced users can easily create virtual users, organize them among workstations, assign tasks, etc.

     - Emulating more browsers for playback - TestComplete 4 can emulate the use of several browsers during the test execution. The list of supported browsers for playback includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Pocket IE and Smart Phone.

     - Viewing and modifying recorded traffic - A new editor can be used to edit visually the recorded requests and responses. You can change not only the HTTP traffic, but also the SOAP requests.

 * Improved editing features.

The Code Editor has been vastly improved. In addition to code completion, code templates and outlining features, the editor in TestComplete 4 now also supports automatic revision marks, background syntax check, code template parameters and many other features.

 * Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

You can execute TestComplete tests as part of test projects created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

 * Integration with issue-tracking systems.

With TestComplete 4 you can create issue-tracking templates that will create items in issue-tracking systems (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System or AutomatedQA AQdevTeam). You can create items directly from the testing results in TestComplete 4 or you can post items using the scriptable object.

 * Integration with source control systems.

TestComplete can now be integrated with source control systems, such as Visual SourceSafe, Team Coherence, CVS, etc. TestComplete supports all Microsoft SCC API compatible source control systems. You can check-in your TestComplete project suites, projects or project items or check them out directly from TestComplete. You can also compare project files, view their revision history and use other services provided by the source control systems.

 * Optical character recognition.

With TestComplete 4, you can use optical character recognition to extract data from non-standard controls on the screen.

If you are an existing TestComplete customer and would like to be considered for the beta testing, please send us an email to support@automatedqa.com with details about your configurations and the areas you will be able to help us test before the release.



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