TestComplete 4.1 Released
Test and Monitor | Posted January 21, 2006

New Features


* Code Parameters. A new exciting feature of the Code Editor - now you can quickly view information about functions and code parameters by pressing SHIFT-CTRL-SPACE in the Editor window.

* Restart-and-Continue. A new routine, RebootAndContinue is now available to create tests that reboot the computer and continue running the test after the reboot.

* Export of Manual Test Data. Now you can export the manual tests to a Microsoft Word or an HTML file.

* The Run method of the TestedApp object was changed. It receives a parameter that allows you to specify the number of application instances to be launched.

* Network suite tasks have two new properties: Terminate before run and Remote application. Using the Remote application property, you can specify which application - TestComplete or TestExecute - will be ran on a remote workstation. Using the Terminate before run property you can specify whether TestComplete should terminate the TestComplete or TestExecute instance running on a remote computer before executing a task.

* The Files.Compare method was changed. Now you can specify the compared files using either the file path and name, or name, which the file has in the Stores project item’s Files collection.

* The parameter types of the Regions.Compare, Regions.Find and Regions.FindRegion methods have changed. Now, to specify images that these methods operate with, you can either use the image name in the Stores | Regions collection, the Picture object corresponding to the image, or the window or onscreen object which you want to compare or search.

* A number of new properties have been added to the Log object. The new properties provide information about how many messages of each type were posted to the test log folder:

- FolderErrCount

- FolderEvnCount

- FolderFileAndLinkCount

- FolderImgCount

- FolderMsgCount

- FolderWrnCount

* The Log object contains two new methods - CreatePictureConfiguration and SetDefaultPictureConfiguration - that let you programmatically specify the format of the images posted to the test log.

* The context menu of the project editor's Test Items page has new items that let you quickly select or unselect test items for testing, or toggle the selection.


Bug Fixes


* The ATL:Edit control was not properly mapped as an Edit control.

* The batx.ocx file was not included in the TestComplete installation.

* TestComplete's Finder tool did not highlight folders shown in the Microsoft Outlook 2003 window as individual controls.

* When working with long script lines, the Code Editor could automatically move the insertion point to the beginning of the line.

* Regions.Compare did not work properly if the TestComplete 3 Compatibility plug-in was installed.

* TestComplete calculated coordinates of objects shown on a Web page incorrectly.

* TestComplete could hang when exploring Web elements on a page displayed in Internet Explorer.

* A crash occurred if the CopyFiles function was called with invalid arguments.

* Sometimes TestComplete did not see objects exposed by MSAA.

* TestComplete could work incorrectly with some MDI client windows in Delphi 2006 applications.

* TestComplete could fail to record user actions over a Win32 tree view control if a hint was displayed.

* TestComplete did not record mouse clicks performed over BCG toolbars.

* The WaitWindow method could wait for a window longer than it was specified by its Timeout parameter.

* In some cases changes made to the Object mapping project settings were not saved.

* If a submenu of a context menu opened to the left of the context menu, TestComplete failed to simulate mouse clicks in this submenu.

* In certain cases, pressing Enter in the Code Completion window caused the editor to freeze.

* Pressing Backspace did not delete Tab characters.

* When recording user actions over tree list controls, TestComplete could record ExpandItem rather than Click.

* Network suite did not perform verification correctly if TestExecute was installed on a workstation.

* Addressing the Win32TreeView.wItemCount property could cause an error.

* TestComplete could record incorrect scripts for Web pages that contained frames.

* TestComplete could fail to simulate keystrokes for some console applications.

* When you assigned a date value to the wDate property of a Win32DateTimePicker object, TestComplete set an incorrect date to the DateTimePicker control.

* The Page.ToURL method did not open the specified Web page if Internet Explorer displayed the start page.

* TestComplete did not simulate a click on a tab if the tab was partially visible.

* The Web Testing plug-in did not work with AJAX Web sites.

* 'The object invoked...' error could occur when TestComplete played a script working with Web pages.

* When recording scripts over Web pages, the computer could hang for 2-5 seconds when an action was performed.


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