TechJam, Stephen Hawking and Self-Identified Geek Personas
Test and Monitor | Posted September 27, 2013

 What kind of geek are you?

That’s the question everyone who walks into Boston’s TechJam on October 3rd must answer. Ok, you don’t have to, but you’ll miss out on guaranteed amusement if you don’t. As a main sponsor of the event bringing local tech enthusiasts together to “celebrate and connect with the world’s brightest innovators,” we at SmartBear get the chance to spread our love of intelligent obsession. I won’t give away too much of what we have planned, but if you live near Boston, come on out and meet some SmartBears and other locals from tech companies.

My own geek interests span several categories, so it’ll be difficult to choose a tribe when the time comes at TechJam. However, my earliest true geek persona—as a cosmos loving science enthusiast—was definitely heavily influenced by Stephen Hawking’s seminal The Illustrated Brief History of Time—a book that’s been with me for at least 15 years.

I came across this enticing little video today by The Guardian. It immediately re-awakened that thrill of inquiring into the nature of time and our universe. Then it got me thinking about technology’s role in Hawking’s work. Like so many discoveries in science, his singularity theory was dependent on technological advances. Heck, his amazing mind would be completely inaccessible to the rest of us without technology. The wonder of what we have yet to create and to find never ceases to inspire the geek in me.

Here’s that video:

What do you think about technology (and software in particular) driving greater discoveries about the nature of our universe? Have you come across any interesting blogs or videos on the subject? Please share!

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