Take Your API Knowledge to the Next Level. Get SoapUI NG Pro Certified.
Test and Monitor | Posted April 05, 2017

If you are designing, developing, testing, and supporting APIs consider taking your SoapUI NG Pro knowledge to the next level. In addition to our ongoing free SmartBear Academy live training sessions, we also offer Premium Training and Certification opportunities for SoapUI NG Pro.

  • On-Demand Video Training: We offer 4.5 hours of content included in the on-demand video collection, and you will have access to these videos for one year. Throughout the class, there are dozens of straightforward, easy-to-understand examples and demonstrations.

  • SoapUI NG Pro Certification: The exam must be taken in one sitting, and you have two attempts to pass. There are 60 questions to complete over 60 minutes

The On-Demand Video Training helps prepare you for the SoapUI NG Pro Certification.

SmartBear Premium Training for SoapUI NG Pro:


By watching the 4.5 hours of On-Demand Videos then passing Certification Exam, you will not only boost your resume but will also learn how to use SoapUI NG Pro to its full potential. This Premium Training will help get you up and running faster with our software, so you can get better at designing, developing, testing, or supporting APIs (aka making you more productive at work!). The best part? You can watch each course and take the exam on your own time. No scheduling required.

“The SoapUI NG Pro certification course was a great opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge about SoapUI NG Pro”, said AnaMaria Popa, a QC Engineer at Yonder Application Innovation. “I am also happy with the fact that SmartBear Academy is providing me new trainings. I noticed the TestComplete training option, and I intend to get TestComplete certified soon.”


Get the best value by purchasing the “SoapUI NG Pro On-Demand Video Training Bundle with Certification."


After you finish your certification, we would love to hear from you. Tweet at us using @SmartBear or simply send us a note telling us about your experience with our certification program.

Good luck!