Introducing SmartBear's STAREAST 2014 Roster
Test and Monitor | Posted May 02, 2014

Five members of the SmartBear family are packing their sunglasses and bathing suits in preparation for to the STAREAST conference in sunny Orlando, Florida next week. In addition to attending and leading conference sessions, we’ll be in the Expo Hall (Booth #40) where our awesome duo of sales engineers are prepared to give demos of SoapUI Pro, TestComplete, LoadUI Pro and QAComplete.

This is one of the biggest conferences of the year and each of us is excited to bring our own individual skill set to the event:

Scott-Barber-Twitter-PhotoScott Barber - The Veteran Speaker @sbarber

I’ve been attending Star conferences for 10 years and have spoken at STAREAST eight times. I’ll be teaching a tutorial on Tuesday, presenting a lightning keynote on Wednesday and doing a session called “Performance Across the Lifecycle” at 9:45am on Thursday.

In between, I’ll be manning the SmartBear booth to talk about load testing with whomever is willing until their brains are full. I’m expecting to hear a lot about Agile, mobile and API-level testing, especially from the performance testers, because it’s become such a crucial part of business strategy.


Molly Henry - The Newbie

This is my very first time attending a testing conference. I’m new to SmartBear and very excited for the opportunity. I think it will be an incredible experience speaking directly to all the testing professionals that are attending. In person conversations are invaluable! I come from a project management background and understand many of the pains that testers experience. Now, as part of the TestComplete sales team, I am ready to help out!


Mike Giller - The API Junkie                     @gillermichael

At SmartBear, my days are filled with functional, security and performance API testing, automation, virtualization, etc. I make sure that SoapUI Pro handles pretty much everything that is thrown at it. I always learn something new and thought-provoking at conferences, be it a remark from a fellow attendee, a great lecture, or even some information shared at the event booth. I’m looking forward to that new big takeaway from STAREAST that I can bring back and incorporate into my day-to-day activities.

Mike will be hosting a live online demo of SoapUI Pro on May 13 at noon (EDT). Register now.


Nick Olivo - The Test Automator       @nickolivo

I’ve attended and spoken at a bunch of conferences over the years, but this is actually my first STAR show. I’ll be spending my day at the beach booth demonstrating TestComplete and its capabilities. I’m hoping to talk to folks to learn more about their mobile testing needs and show how we can help them.

Join the live online demo of TestComplete on May 13 at 11am (EDT). Register now.

kendal-peiguss-headshotKendal Peiguss - The Marketer @kendalpeiguss

Ah, yes, the fan-favorite marketer in the group (har har). That’s me. I’ll likely be the one dancing in the aisles with my bear slippers on. I’ve been working in software marketing for three years and this is my third STAR conference. My favorite thing about STAREAST is the opportunity to hear from customers. They inspire ideas for campaigns and let me know where we can improve our communication. With more than 2 million users, we don’t often get the chance to hear from them face-to-face. If I’m really lucky, I'll get the chance to interview a few people on camera so I can share some of the feedback with the rest of the SmartBear team.

If you’re not able to join us at STAREAST, you can check in with us on Twitter @testcomplete and @soapui for live updates.

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