Speaker Spotlight: Cucumber, Matt Wynne
Test and Monitor | Posted October 09, 2018

Matt Wynne from Cucumber will be presenting “How BDD can save Agile” at SmartBear Connect. In this session, he’ll make you laugh, inspire you with stories and explain some tips and tricks when using BDD.

During the interview with Matt, he briefly talked about both what his aim is and what his expectations are for his October session at SmartBear Connect, and even shared a few fun facts about himself.

Read on to find out more about his interview.

Without repeating your bio, what should attendees know about you?

Well, I still love programming after thirty some years of doing it for fun and (sometimes) for profit. Although I don’t code for money anymore I work on the open source whenever I can, as well as mobbing on our commercial product, Cucumber Pro. I am fascinated by building communities, and how we can build creative, compassionate companies that do more for the human race than just make a few people rich.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am a qualified snowboard instructor. I once spent a ski season living in a shack in the woods in Japan.

What is something that you’re excited about sharing with the community during your session?

I really think BDD, practiced wholeheartedly, is the missing link for a huge number of teams who have adopted the project management practices of Agile but are still stifling to achieve actual business agility. I just hope to inspire a few more people to try it.

Who do you think would most benefit from attending your talk?

Anyone who works on or leads software teams and is grappling with problems around predictability, communication and quality.

What are you most looking forward to about SmartBear Connect?

SmartBear builds some awesome tools, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the community around them and meeting a few of the folks behind the tools themselves.

What advice do you have for those getting started with BDD?

I would start by gently introducing your team to example mapping. It’s a really simple technique to help you break down big users’ stories and collaborate to understand them as rapidly as possible. That will get you a huge amount of benefit without changing anything else about your process or tools. The examples from those sessions can then feed your downstream BDD activities - creating scenarios and then automating them. I would start slowly by just picking a single story to put into the “slow lane” for your first try, and really focus on doing it right. Write the gherkin scenarios, run them past your product owner for feedback, write them up to your app, and then and only then, when you’ve seen the scenario fail, write the code to make it pass. It feels like slow going at first, as you’re learning a lot of new stuff at once. But trust me, in the end it will be worth it.

 If you’d like to self-study, you can get our cucumber.io/school videos, or come and join us on the cucumber.io/support#slack to meet other people in the community and get their advice.

Come talk to Matt this October 29th & 30th in Boston! He is looking forward to answering all types of questions related to his topic.

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Learn more about BDD with Matt this October at SmartBear Connect - hope to see you there!