Sneak peek of the new soapUI Runner in loadUI 2.0
Test and Monitor | Posted February 10, 2012

We are currently working hard in the loadUI team on the final touches of loadUI 2.0, in order to release the first beta release next week. In this blog post, I would like to share one of the things that I have personally spent some time on lately: the new soapUI Runner.

I will start by presenting the new features of the soapUI Runner and then end with showing an example scenario that shows some of these features in action.


What's new?

New look

The first thing you will notice is the new design of the component. You can now see the actual TestSteps of the loaded soapUI TestCase, as well as how many Virtual Users that have passed through each TestStep. In my opinion, this gives you better visual feedback, looks better and makes it easier to distinguish soapUI Runners from each other.

Transferring of state/session/cookies


Flow control is one of the areas where I think that loadUI has always shined, thanks to its wire-dragging paradigm and flexible components.  Unfortunately, it has been hard to make use of this while using the soapUI Runner, since transferring sessions between Runners has been quite tricky. Well, no longer - the new soapUI Runner automatically passes cookies and TestCase properties on to the next Runner.

Disabling of TestSteps


With the new design comes the ability to disable TestSteps with one click. This, together with transferring of sessions, allows you to “chop up” a soapUI TestCase. For example, you can use the first three steps of a soapUI TestCase in one soapUI Runner and the last four steps in another Runner.

Disabling of soapUI assertions


Sometimes, assertions that make a lot of sense in a functional soapUI test, do not make as much sense in a load test. For this reason, we have added the option to disable all soapUI assertions in soapUI Runner’s settings.

Better DataSource behavior

If you have never used loadUI together with soapUI DataSources, you can skip to the next part of this blog post. If you are a loadUI veteran, you may know that some soapUI DataSources did not behave as you would expect. This is now fixed!

Example usage from new sample project

Below is an example of how a Virtual User Scenario can look in loadUI 2.0, simulating realistic user behavior using some of the new features that I have mentioned. The scenario is described in more detail on sticky notes beside the components (click to enlarge).



Final words

I hope you will like the new soapUI Runner. Be sure to test it, and all the other new stuff, out when we release the first beta of loadUI 2.0 in the next few weeks. I would love to hear your feedback!


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