Up for a Challenge? Try SmartBear Trivia
Test and Monitor | Posted July 26, 2013

After spinning the idea around in our heads for some time, SmartBear finally put on a killer Stump!-style trivia match on Wednesday night.  Hosted at the Bocoup Loft in Boston’s Innovation District, the event drew in 30-something competitors who split up into six teams and were pitted against one another in a mental match to decide who were, in fact, the trivia masters. Suffice it to say that some SmartBears who were at the event are still recovering from what could only be described as a grueling cerebral conflict.

With years of harsh training and discipline under their belts, uber-geeks from distant lands gathered together to enjoy pizza and beer and put their wits to the ultimate test in a trivia battle for the ages.

As you can imagine, it was a horribly violent and desperate battle, but after many grueling headaches and desperate grapples at the brink of defeat, the team from TipTap Lab came out on top. Arriving in second place, bruised, bloody, but somewhat triumphant, was team Fantomz. While each member of the victorious team took home a gift card to thinkgeek.com, runners-up celebrated their relative success by stomping about in fuzzy bear feet… the spoils of war.

I know what you're thinking - you wish you had been there marching around in those super comfortable bear slippers after proving your considerably formidable wealth of knowledge. And so, the question remains, beloved readers: How would you hold up against Smartbear’s pulverizing trivia questions? The multiple choice quiz below is made up of 17 of the questions that were asked during SmartBear's inaugural trivia night. Give it a shot and feel free to leave your own trivia questions in the comments section below for others to try.

[WpProQuiz 1]

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