SmartBear Study Hall: The Ins and Outs of AlertSite
Test and Monitor | Posted March 06, 2017

Hello SmartBear Study Hall readers,

Some of you may know who I am, and some of you may not. Or perhaps you’ve heard my voice during trainings, but never gotten a proper introduction. My name is Denis Goodwin and for nearly three years I’ve been the Product Owner of AlertSite. Among other things, this means that I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with you and hosting countless AlertSite webinars.

A few weeks ago, I presented a SmartBear Academy 101 class for AlertSite with Trevor Moyer, one of our awesome Customer Success Managers. We covered key AlertSite capabilities in both flavors of our web console. We also went into detail on how to best take advantage of our industry leading alerting platform.

In case you missed the last 101 class, let me tell you a little bit more about what we discussed. In this class, we demonstrated how to configure your monitors, alert recipients, and alert recipient groups to maximize application coverage and ensure the right stakeholders are alerted in real time with the right information. In addition, users were also able to learn about configuring monitor firing rules and validation approaches to minimize both false alarms (too much noise) and false positives (missing real issues). Great stuff! Feedback from the session was very positive and we’ll definitely cover these topics again in future 101 class. Watch the replay.

Speaking of maximizing monitor and alert configuration, tomorrow we’ll be covering this topic in even greater detail with a focus on API monitors in our next AlertSite 201 SmartBear Academy class, register here. John Lucania will be showing off the various levels of sophisticated API monitoring and alerting in AlertSite. The class agenda includes the four stages of API monitoring and API performance monitoring use cases.

As we plan our upcoming classes, we want your feedback! Do you have topics you would like us to cover in our SmartBear Academy classes? These classes are built for you and we want to make sure you get the most out of them. Let us know @SmartBear or leave a comment below.