SmartBear Delivers Multi-browser Website Performance Monitoring
Test and Monitor | Posted November 15, 2011

Today, users have more Web browser options than ever, and each browser has unique qualities that can impact load times and Web performance. Recognizing how important it is to know exactly how your website appears and functions for all users, regardless of their browser, we today extended our AlertSite Web and mobile performance monitoring solution to support Internet Explorer 8, as well as Mozilla Firefox 8.

Internet Explorer has been the most widely used Web browser since 1999, and today holds slightly more than 40 percent of the market share. As such, it is important for organizations to have insight and increased control over the quality of their websites for IE users.

With this upgrade, the AlertSite built-into-the-browser transaction recorder can capture and record any multi-step click stream and play it back on multiple browsers to simulate the user experience. Unlike other Web monitoring tools that require more separate recording processes for each browser, AlertSite enables users to record only once to monitor from both Firefox and Internet Explorer across multiple locations.


multi-browser website performance monitoring

Available now, this new release supports Mozilla Firefox 8 and Internet Explorer 8.

For anyone looking for more information or instruction on how to start monitoring your website with Internet Explorer, join us for a webinar on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 at 1 p.m. EST.


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