Simplified API Monitoring for DevOps Teams
Test and Monitor | Posted June 23, 2015

AlertSite is now integrated with Ready! API.  This means that developers, testers and operations teams can collaborate together on API quality using the same tests and metrics, simplifying configuration of monitoring assets and ultimately turning around performance problems in real time.

There are several advantages to this approach:

  1. You should be monitoring your APIs in production. When your API moves into production from test, the environment changes – there is no way to know if the API performance is compromised unless you look.  Furthermore, you can find problems that may be a result of the location or variance in traffic.
  2. There is no easier method. You can simply click a button from right in the Ready! API interface and see the status of your APIs in production it can’t get any easier. You take your already created test cases and turn them into monitors whenever you have a new API or test you want to keep an eye on.
  3. Troubleshooting is like shooting fish in a barrel. You wrote the functional test, you know it works, and when something comes back as not working you can isolate it quickly.

All of this makes it easy to be ahead of problems, solve them quickly when they happen and keep customers happy.

You can be monitoring your APIs in less than 3 minutes:

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