Scott Barber Schools the Masses on Load Testing API Web Apps
Test and Monitor | Posted July 26, 2013

Scott Barber, Chief Technologist, President and CEO of PerfTestPlus, is one of the world’s most prominent thought-leaders in the area of software system performance testing. A long time performance and load tester himself, he now trains and mentors testers from the likes of Google and Microsoft. Here’s a quote from Alberto Savoia, Founder and CTO of Agitar and former Executive of Google, praising Scott’s work:

“Scott Barber is one of the very few real experts and practitioners in performance testing and analysis. He combines experience and passion for the problems of performance with a very scientific approach that takes into account complex, but critical, performance affecting variables that are conveniently ignored by most practitioners (making their performance results about as reliable as horoscopes).”

Ha! Well, it might be funny, but it’s also true. That’s why we are honored, yet again, to feature Scott’s astute insights—this time about load testing API Web apps—on our SmartBear blog.

Enjoy! And feel free to ask questions or let us know what you think in the comment section.

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