Protect Your Code from Zombie Apocalypse, Werewolf Attack, and the Undead!
Test and Monitor | Posted October 31, 2012

The spookiest day of the year is upon us! Are you excited? Yeah, us too. But heed our warning: Don't get so caught up with all the crazy costumes and delicious candy that you forget to protect your most vulnerable asset!

You see it's not just humans who can fall victim to attacks from beasts in the night. Lately, at least in our neck of the woods, there have been a huge number of scary attacks on code and data that are simply unexplainable and just plain scary. And when we say scary, we mean it. As in, Stephen King scary! 


Luckily, we've been gearing up for monster attacks of all sorts for some time. Even though everybody knows that a zombie apocalypse is probably most imminent, we figured we might as well have all of our bases covered, including the unlikely scenario that something other than zombies decides to attack. 

So here, in the form of the scariest (or just worst) software puns we could brew up, we're happy to share SmartBear's guidebook of Halloween survival tactics!

Werewolf: Everyone knows werewolves can't stand silver. So, of course, the simple solution is to use the Microsoft Silverlight framework to create an application that has cross-browser support and a comfortable HTML-like interface. This functionality should let you focus on your RIA development instead of browser incompatibilities, which offers maximum protection against a werewolf sneak attack in one browser while you’re programming for another.

Dracula: Do you think you hear him creeping up on you? Are you worried that the smiling toddler on your doorstep is really Dracula in disguise? We all know the best way to detect a vampire is by seeing if his reflection shows up in a mirror. Throw a little Javascript reflection at those trick-or-treaters to ensure you aren’t in harm’s way. 

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein's Monster:  “...learn from my miseries, and do not seek to increase your own.” Although Dr. Frankenstein was responsible for creating the monster that terrified a German village, his words resonate with developers and testers alike! Protect your network the same way the frightened mob protected their village: with fire. A firewall to be more precise. Just be sure that you know how to allow TestExecute and its utilities through if you're using Windows Firewall.

Zombie: We're going to deal with a zombie apocalypse the same way we would deal with any dangerous computer virus: acknowledge, contain, and smash it to pieces. Seriously though, as long as you update your antivirus and spyware, and use a little common sense, you can stop your computer from being transformed into a zombie and aiding those pesky Anonymous characters with their mischevous tricks. 

It's a mummy, just unravel the stupid thing.

Witch: The best way to get rid of a witch is to drench it in holy water. Hm... we don't really have any holy water laying around the SmartBear office, but we do have something else that may clense a witch's soul: SOAP. Our tip is to use soapUI MockService to simulate all sorts of witchcraft, ensuring that your Web service is well prepared by the time it goes live.

Mummy: It's a mummy, just unravel the stupid thing.


Happy Halloweee-e-e-en! 




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