One Dress, Two Llamas, FREE Performance Monitoring and the Future of the Internet
Test and Monitor | Posted March 05, 2015

I wonder how many bored or stressed people out there were thinking to themselves, “I’ll never make it to the weeken—” just as they scrolled down to see the interweb gods had blessed our newsfeeds with the “Llamas on the Lam” story last Thursday afternoon. It’s fun to imagine their surprised, delighted reactions. A moment ago things had seemed bleak, and just like that, BOOM! Two Llamas escape from an assisted living facility in Sun City, Arizona and make a break for freedom with a county sheriff posse in hot pursuit in a highway chase streamed live on any device for the world’s viewing pleasure—LIFE. IS. GOOD. (If this is somehow the first time you are hearing of this, you’re welcome.)

The web works in mysterious ways.  Of course, the “Great Llama Escape of 2015” was not the only time we would be reminded of this lesson on Thursday, February 26. Just as we thought the viral excitement might come to a lull when the Llamas were finally captured and “taken into custody” as local news stations (humorously) phrased it, out of the blue (or perhaps Gold?) a Tumblr post about the color of a dress suddenly exploded into one of the biggest online debates in internet history, racking up roughly 16 million views on buzzfeed alone by midnight.

Now, the fact that these two totally random viral explosions happened to eclipse on the same day is certainly unusual, yes. But then, there was the third major web-related event of the day that for many may have slipped under the radar, what with all the llama and dress commotion—the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in favor of a new regulatory proposal to protect net neutrality—a movement to ensure the future of a fast, free and open internet.

One mustn't struggle to connect the dots.

But the fact that these events happened to occur on the same Thursday—while arguably mind-blowing— is not the biggest takeaway here. There are three simple truths they remind us about the future of the internet and web performance monitoring:

  1. The web is free, and controlled by end users – Users (not corporations) have all of the power. The degree to which companies understand and capitalize on this will make or break their online success.
  2. The web is unpredictable – At any given moment, anything can happen in the digital, connected world. Continuously testing and monitoring web performance has never been more important to ensure that you are ready for the unpredictable at all times. While the viral “dress debate” in itself may seem silly, British retailer Roman Originals is also laughing all the way to the bank with the 1,800 orders and 560% increase in online sales gained thanks to that one Tumblr post. Not too shabby.
  3. The web is fast – If your site or application is not, you are not invited to the party. Do not subject your business to the wrath of your users.

As we pushed our new AlertSite UXM FREE web performance monitoring solution into production for the first time the night of Thursday, February 26, at SmartBear we saw yet a fourth notable event that once again aligned perfectly with the others. AlertSite UXM FREE allows you to:

  • Truly understand end-user experience, not just up/down server pinging. “Availability” and “uptime” do not equal speed, performance or quality end user experience. Unlike “up/down” monitors that can simply tell you whether a web server is operating a displaying a page, AlertSite UXM FREE allows you to easily record and monitor performance of real browser multi-step transactions, emulating common actions real users actually perform, such as mouse clicks, data entry, scrolling, submitting forms and payments.

  • Identify and fix performance issues fast. Robust performance data coupled with lightning fast, accurate alerts allow you to identify and resolve performance problems before they impact end users, including issues with third party applications. Next time the wild web decides to throw your application a curve ball you will be ready, and if something goes wrong, you will know before your users do.

  • Record complex scripts in minutes. Fully-equipped with AlertSite UXM’s world leading web transaction recorder, DejaClick, it could not be easier to record multi-step user transactions in a matter of minutes with no coding or professional services required (there’s no time to waste on these types of things if you are moving at the speed of the modern web).

And of course, Alertsite UXM FREE is, well, as free as two Llamas on the run.

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