Motorola’s Site Collapses Under Cyber Monday Traffic
Test and Monitor | Posted December 02, 2013

As of 2:34PM, Cyber Monday shoppers hoping to take advantage of a special deal on the first Google backed Motorola smartphone — the Moto X — were still waiting for the purchasing section of the site to come back online.

Visitors hoping to snag the new phone at a discount are being met with a promise the site will be back soon and, in an effort to curb customer furor, an announcement via Twitter that the Cyber Monday deal, offering the device for $99.99, will not begin until the is back up and operating.


Earlier in the day some buyers were able to make to the checkout screen, however, the price in their carts didn’t match the promotional price — and even at that point they were unable to complete the checkout process.

It’s unclear if the promotion will be extended should they fail to resolve the outage in the near future — however — the fact that a Google product’s page is unreachable on Cyber Monday only serves to compound how embarrassing an outage like this is.

Let us know if you’ve been affected by the outage, we’d love to hear your updates in the comments section.

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