LoadComplete 101, 201, and 301 Training Sessions
Test and Monitor | Posted April 10, 2017

Have you noticed the monthly SmartBear Academy training sessions we’ve been offering? Training sessions occur once per month in the form of live webinars and cycle through three levels (101, 201 & 301). Let's take a closer look at our LoadComplete training sessions and review what will be covered in each class.

LoadComplete 101:

This training class is for new users and includes a quick overview of load testing, why it is done and how it can help improve your web application(s). We'll also walk-through the LoadComplete user interface and describe how the various components of the tool work.


  • What is Load Testing? Why should we do it?
  • Description of LoadComplete

    • Desktop/Server software
    • Architecture
    • User Interface
    • Projects
    • Record/Run simple tests

  • Questions and Answers

LoadComplete 201:

In the 201 session we tackle some slightly more advanced features of LoadComplete.


  • Verifying a Recorded Scenario – making sure that your recorded scenario is valid and operational
  • Customizing a Recorded Scenario – making important changes to a scenario in order to take control of your testing
  • Configuring RAS in the Cloud – a simple process, but one that should be stepped through once
  • Configuring RAS in the Local Network – for those times when having the users come in from outside of your network is just not possible
  • Questions and Answers

LoadComplete 301:

The topics in LoadComplete 301 are for more advanced users and include features many people may overlook.


  • Exporting Test Results – being able to export results so that they can be imported to another tool for analysis
  • Testing in Multiple Environments – being able to run a test in Production that was recorded in Staging
  • Customizing your Scenarios by Using Operators
  • Questions and Answers

It should be stressed that the curriculum outlined above is not written in stone and we're very open to suggestions. If you have any ideas on what we should cover, send us a note, or feel free to contact us @SmartBear. We hope to see you (virtually) at the LoadComplete training classes that are offered this month.