Learn from 3,400 of Your Peers: Get the Scoop on the State of Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted September 06, 2017

SmartBear releases findings from over 3,400 Software Developers & QA Experts

Curious to know what 3,400 software developers and QA experts think about the current and future state of the software testing industry?

Whether you’re a developer, QA engineer, manager, or any other role working in the software industry, SmartBear’s 2017 State of Testing Survey Report will provide you an exciting deep-dive look into industry trends in software testing, team dynamics, development models, and outlooks on the future of software testing.

Last month, we ran our first annual industry survey to gather insights into the current trends and challenges of the software testing industry. The survey included input from over 3,400 software developers, testers, managers, and business leaders representing more than 15 industries globally. We then reported our fascinating findings for two 60-minute webinar sessions on August 22nd.

Some highlights of our findings are:

  • 63% of respondents complete both UI and backend API testing
  • 72% of teams do some form of unit testing
  • On average, 44% of tests are automated, with larger companies automating more tests
  • The higher the scripting proficiency, the higher the proportion of tests automated
  • Higher number of API testers use Java, Python, Groovy, and PHP while a higher number of UI testers use Java, C#, and Visual Basic
  • 63% of teams claim to follow an Agile process
  • 44% of teams have a test management solution
  • 62% of all survey respondents think that the percent of automated testing will increase in years to come

To download your free copy of the 2017 State of Testing Survey Report, click here. Additionally, if you would like to watch the webinar discussing the findings by 3 of our software testing experts you can find that here.




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