Introducing Automated Mobile Testing in TestComplete eBook – Android Edition
Test and Monitor | Posted March 05, 2014

The studies are sprinkled across the internet and they all suggest the future of technology is moving into the mobile realm and eventually into wearables. As the mobile app industry continues to evolve, development teams will have to keep up with technological advancements. The same goes for testing for mobile applications. Unfortunately,  one of the first things to get ripped from the software development process is testing.

But what if I told you that your app success is dependent on the quality of your apps? By quality I mean that the app must function in a way that is perceived as natural by the user and it has to look pretty. Mobile app users have little tolerance for sloppiness and the case studies show.

We even did our own study and the results agreed.


It’s time to face the facts—your success is dependent on making time for mobile app testing.

Of course manual testing and user acceptance testing are important, but what about automated mobile testing? As mobile apps become more complex more testing cycles are needed to ensure app quality. And that’s why we created this eBook.

Automated mobile testing in TestComplete – Android Edition will give you the facts first on app quality and then give you a chance to grab mobile test automation by the bullhorns. TestComplete Mobile is very intuitive, but we’ve created this eBook to guide you through the preliminary steps of automating your mobile tests.

Automated Mobile Testing in TestComplete (Android Edition)

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