How to Automate HTML5 Testing
Test and Monitor | Posted June 08, 2012

HTML5 offers a promise of “write once, run anywhere.” New HTML5 projects are starting daily. The forums and discussion boards are filling up with HTML5 testing questions. Luckily the latest release of TestComplete 9 supports HTML5 Testing.

Not all testing teams have active HTML5 projects to test. We’ve heard from many testing teams that they are in planning mode trying to understand how HTML5 testing may be different from what they are doing today. So, we’ve partnered up with SQAForums for an informative webinar to answer the HTML5 testing questions that are on the minds of testers. We knew HTML testing was going to be a topic that would generate a lot of interest, but we did not expect the over 100 questions we received in the first week.

Here are just a few of the HTML5 testing questions that you submitted...


  • What tools and techniques should developers use to test HTML5 for reliability and performance?
  • Can we use the same automation test framework in HTML5?
  • How to create automated tests with comparison to all elements?
  • How do I convert Flash test based to HTML test based without the need to map all the objects all over again in the name mapping component?
  • How to automate HTML5 database applications?
  • How to organize tests that they could be more resistant of HTML5 changes, but could catch system failures?
  • What is the difference between testing a HTML5 application compared to Adobe Flash, Flex and Microsoft Silverlight apps?
  • The differences between how we test now and how we will have to adapt when testing HTML5?
  • What types of browser compatibility problems can be detected with automated tests?
  • What are the main challenges and best practices for HTML5 test?
  • What is new with HTML5, how to approach automation?
  • What part of the HTML5 specifications are important to consider for QA testing?
  • What is the best strategy to automate QA developments in HTML5?
  • What are the major and the most generic HTML5 test cases to run?
  • What automated testing tools best expose problems with automated testing of HTML5 apps?


HTML5 Testing Webinar

Join us for the How to Automate HTML5 Testing Webinar [Now OnDemand] next Tuesday, June 12th at 1:00 pm EDT.

In this live event, Nick Olivo, SmartBear's test automation expert, will answer your HTML5 questions and show you how to effectively automate HTML5 testing using TestComplete.

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Photo credit: Rondostar