How Did Uncle Sam’s Online Tax Software Perform for You?
Test and Monitor | Posted April 16, 2013

If you’re like many people, you wait until the very last second to complete your taxes. While folks once flocked to the post office to get their returns in the mail, today much of this is done online.

The fact that Congress was not able to work things out by January 1 slowed down the IRS's course of action as it tried to adjust to the new laws. Because of this delay, tax payers had to wait a few additional weeks before they could start filing their taxes.

The question is, did this waiting period have an impact on the entire tax season, and did this delay impact last-minute filers meeting yesterday's deadline? Were the tax websites able to handle the surge of traffic and deliver satisfying customer experience to the procrastinators?

As of yesterday afternoon, most of the ten tax-related websites monitored by Alertsite performed at a steady pace and no performance issues had been noticed. The average response time among all locations is 4.2512 seconds. All the websites held up well as the availability percentage ranged between 100% and 99.18%. The IRS took the lead with 100% availability, and HRBlock scored last with 99.18%.

Resp Time Graph

As for the response time, OLT takes the lead with 0.8786 seconds, followed by the IRS with 2.2835 seconds.

describe the image

It looks like the pressure was more on the taxpayers than it is on Uncle Sam, given that the online sites were ready for action. Some pundits had suggested the tax websites maight experience high traffic and the customers experience would be less than favorable, however, while minor slowdown did occur during peak days, it did not have any notable impact on availability.

Back in February, the IRS felt the heat of traffic jam, as taxpayers were trying to find out what happened to their refund. The IRS, along with the other tax-related websites, must have made the appropriate provisions leading up to this deadline to avoid the traffic jam.


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