Hot off the Press: SmartBear Academy Releases May Schedule
Test and Monitor | Posted April 26, 2018

The sun is finally out after a long winter here at our Global Headquarters, and summer is practically upon us! For many students, finals are right around the corner and shortly after, schools will be closing for the summer break. Even though the school year will be ending, SmartBear Academy is still in session! Take a look at our class schedule to continue learning over the summer.

What is SmartBear Academy?

SmartBear Academy is our free virtual product training program, led by our Product Owners, Sales Engineers, and trusted Service Partners. We offer free training in all of our products across a variety of skill levels. For each category, we offer 101, 201 and 301 classes. If you complete all three, you’ll be product certified!

What do I need?

To learn the most from our free training classes, be sure to follow along in your installed SmartBear product. Practicing real-time as our trainer guides you through each step is the best way to make sure your new knowledge sticks.

We hope to see you in one of our upcoming classes! After you register for one of our May classes, let us know that you’re attending on Twitter.

May 3rd: CrossBrowserTesting 101 at 9 AM GMT

May 8th: TestComplete 101 at 9 AM GMT

May 8th: SwaggerHub 101 at 10 AM ET

May 9th: SwaggerHub 101 at 9 AM GMT

May 10th: TestComplete 101 at 11 AM ET

May 14th: QAComplete 201 at 9 AM GMT and 10 AM ET

May 15th: ReadyAPI 101 at 8 AM AEST, 9:30 AM GMT, and 10:30 AM ET

May 17th: TestComplete 101 at 8 AM AEST

May 22nd: Collaborator 201 at 10 AM ET

May 24th: CrossBrowserTesting 201 at 10 AM ET

May 29th: AlertSite 201 at 10 AM ET


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