Happy Birthday to You, SmartBears!
Test and Monitor | Posted July 19, 2012

Today marks the 2nd birthday of SmartBear Software as a revamped combination of three companies - AutomatedQA, Pragmatic Software and Smart Bear Software.  With the addition of two family members along the way, AlertSite and soapUI, SmartBear has matured into a well-rounded offering of solutions to manage the software quality lifecycle. As most people do when celebrating a milestone, I started to engage in some self-reflection about how SmartBear has grown.

As a team member who helped the companies merge two years ago, I think it's important to celebrate this milestone.  While it falls on marketing to brand the company and, in some manner, promote and celebrate milestones, more importantly I wanted to reflect on what our 2nd birthday really means.

There are some impressive accomplishments that I could elaborate on - like the two aforementioned additions to our family, 8 straight quarters of meeting or exceeding our organic growth goals, and reaching a 3-year strategic plan in 18 months.  This is akin to celebrating some personal accomplishments on your own birthday. It makes you feel good and should be recognized but what does it really mean?  I think a birthday is also a perfect opportunity to analyze what you are really providing as a productive member of your community and society as a whole.

It actually was very easy to focus on what SmartBear's birthday really means – even for a marketing guy. The core symbolism behind SmartBear’s birthday is that we are an alternative set of solutions that add value to software developers, QA testers and devops professionals (our wonderful community).  This “added value” means a lot of different things. I could talk about some personal benefits to each constituency above but I think there is a higher purpose for SmartBear.  SmartBear assists in creating higher quality software solutions which, frankly, make life better for everyone (that's the "society as a whole" part).

Think the marketing guy is reaching a little?  I beg to differ.  Look at some of our customers and tell me if you think these companies have made folks' lives easier in some way: Google, Adobe, Skype, Intel, Sony, American Red Cross, Cisco, Ikon, Quest and Intuit among many others. These companies are using SmartBear tools to better serve their own communities.

The other reason I feel somewhat empowered to talk about the value of our solutions in the marketplace is that SmartBear uses them! We are a software company that is also a great customer of our own solutions.  In the last 2 years, the SmartBear marketing team alone has launched 2 websites, implemented a marketing automation system requiring heavy usage of APIs, supports 5 different registration systems, consolidated 2 instances of Salesforce.com, participated and created wikis and supported dozens of software releases of our own – all using different components of our own solutions. We're certainly not bear cubs anymore!

While is it is SmartBear's milestone, its meaning is only significant because of our users and their customers - and that is always our approach. So, happy birthday to you! In the coming weeks look for upcoming blog posts on the specifics of how we have implemented our own products to provide our users with better software solutions. We have learned a lot and optimized many of our processes being our own customer.  In the meantime, we’ll celebrate our birthday on your behalf and extend our sincerest gratitude to you for your support. 

Help us celebrate our birthday on Facebook, where we're highlighting our milestones from the last two years. "Like" our second birthday Milestone for a chance to win sweet SmartBear swag! 

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