Getting Started with TestComplete 4, Part One
Test and Monitor | Posted December 16, 2005

You have just download TestComplete 4, now where do you start automating your tests.  For an example, I will do some basic testing with the Calculator program of windows.  With both TestComplete and Calculator running, start creating your name mapping (much more important than in TC3).

  1. Start with Main Form and Map it from the Object Browser
  2. In the NameMapping Edit, Map the children of the Main Form

Then record a sanity test, this test should just be something basic (such as adding one and one).  I also add, a verification test for the sanity test.

With the recording, I have a good idea of how TestComplete 'sees' my application, so I start creating some utility routines for additional test cases (see link below to get the code for the whole project). Using the Test Items Edit Page, removed the main routine.  Next I added my sanity test and any other test cases that exists (in my case just the random test case).  The random test case was set to run ten times to generate the log file below.

After Name Mapping


Link to Project used by this article.

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