GeekSpeak with Scott Barber: Paul Holland

People always seem to be asking me if I still learn things at software events after having attended over a hundred in the past decade. And they almost always seem surprised to hear that I do still get things from sessions (though admittedly, very often it’s not what the presenter intended me to take from their session), what I get the most from is interacting with people one-on-one. So recently, it dawned on me that if I’m getting so much out of these one-on-one conversations and so many people don’t seem to grasp how or why, that I should find a way to “package” these conversations and share them. GeekSpeak is my attempt to do exactly that.

This week, I’m bringing you a conversation that I had with Paul Holland during STARWest 2013. I met Paul over 10 years ago at the first Workshop on Performance Reliability (WOPR) that I co-founded with Ross Collard. Since then I’ve come to know Paul as a Test Manager, Facilitator, fellow Volunteer/Activist, Trainer of Testers, house flipper, jokester and friend.

Given our history, there were plenty of things we could have discussed in a GeekSpeak session, but we decided to focus on his activities as a Rapid Software Testing instructor (one of the most desired training courses for testers in the world) and as the most prolific facilitator of software testing peer workshops. Tune into this week’s episode of GeekSpeak to learn more about Paul and hear what he has to say about teaching and facilitating testers.

About Paul

Paul Holland is a Software Testing consultant and teacher. He is one of three instructors worldwide for the Rapid Software Testing course. Visit for more information. He is an active member and volunteer in several testing communities including the Association for Software Testing (AST) and the International Society of Software Testing (ISST).

Paul specializes in adapting testing methodologies to be more effective, efficient, and reducing waste. Finding ways to document only that which needs to be documented. Modifying reporting of test activities to eliminate harmful metrics (like pass/fail rates and % of Test Cases executed, etc.) and instead generate useful reports (listing issues, amount of effort per feature area, etc.).

Previously, he worked for Alcatel-Lucent (formerly Newbridge) from 1995 through 2012. During that time he was primarily a test manager in the DSL group, and on test automation of ATM switches - focusing on Switched Services, Cell Relay line cards, and Frame Relay line cards.

Prior to entering the telecommunications field, Paul flew Sea King helicopters for the Canadian Military.

Paul Online: Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter

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