Full-Fledged Cross-Browser Testing with TestComplete 9.3
Test and Monitor | Posted June 10, 2013

Today - just days after TestComplete by SmartBear was given the 2013 Jolt Award for Best Test Automation tool - we are proudly announcing the release of TestComplete 9.3. With the 9.3 release, we continue to expand TestComplete’s capabilities in the area of Web and RIA testing, including support for new browsers and UI controls. We've also upgraded integrations for the Agile bug tracking and versioning tools.

Cross-Brower Testing for Every Popular Browser

In the newest release, we introduce cross-browser testing not only to the latest browser versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but we’ve added support for Safari 5 and Opera 12—making TestComplete compatible with the most popular browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

All of these five supported browsers can be used in automated cross-browser testing with TestComplete, whether you do it through the KDT browser loop or directly in test scripts.

Support for Leading Edge UI Technologies

With HTML5 clearly here to stay as a leading technology for rich Web and mobile applications, Sencha and its JavaScript based Ext JS framework are among the leaders in Web-based UI controls.  TestComplete 9.3 expands support of Ext JS controls to include FieldSet, TreePanel, ComboBox, GridPanel and other widgets. View Ext JS complete supported list here.

Another popular UI technology is Oracle’s JavaFX 2. Just two months after Oracle’s forced version upgrade, TestComplete unveils full support for this Java based framework for rich client development.

Name Mapping 2.0

TestComplete 9.3 introduces new options for its automated name mapping, specifically for Web applications. With these enhancements that rely on the ExtendedFind option, TestComplete uses heuristic search to reliably find visible UI objects, even if their names, parent objects, or position in the UI layout change.

Updated Integration Support for JIRA, Axosoft, Apache and SVN

We understand that every test team’s workflow and toolset is different, that’s why we always aim to offer integrated support for most often used bug tracking and source control systems. This release adds support for:

  • JIRA 6.0, 5.2, and 5.0
  • Axosoft On Time 2012 and 2013
  • Subversion 1.7.7 – 1.7.9

The List Goes On…

For a complete list of functional updates and fixes included in this release, please refer to What’s New in TestComplete 9.3.

As test automation engineers face pressures to cover more (and newer) technologies, SmartBear strives to make the automation tester’s life easier and more productive. Try a free trial of TestComplete today and see how your automated testing can be simplified.

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