Free Web Performance Testing for the Masses
Test and Monitor | Posted April 03, 2013

Today is an exciting day here at SmartBear! After many months of preparation and hard work from our teams across the globe, we are finally launching the first in a line of high-functioning free tools we plan to unveil over the coming months. This is a major step forward in our mission to improve the lives and work of software developers.

LoadUIWeb is an easy-to-use, easy-to-get Web application load testing tool that allows developers to begin full load testing immediately.

There is no barrier to download LoadUIWeb—we don’t even ask for your email address—though we do hope you’ll visit LoadUIWeb’s Community Board to engage with your fellow load testers. More than just giving a gift to the software community we serve and rely on, we also want to provide space for like-minded people to meet, collaborate, and share ideas. We’ll be posting informative tips and interesting interviews here on the SmartBear blog, as well. So, be sure to return or subscribe to the blog feed.

More about LoadUIWeb!

Using a simplified wizard-based interface, LoadUIWeb allows developers to go beyond pinging websites and simulate real user activity for a large number of virtual users. Key benefits include the ability to run load and stress tests on any Web server or type of Rich Internet Application (RIA). Create realistic load tests by recording user scenarios on any browser, and easily create data-driven tests by simulating users with the over 15 built-in data generators. With LoadUIWeb, developers can also produce powerful reports with full-detailed results and graphs.

And that’s not all! For more details visit or simply download LoadUIWeb now and explore this powerful free tool for yourself.

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