Creative Software Testing in Agile Environments | Ken Pugh

Ken Pugh has been developing hardware and software for more than 30 years. His experience in the industry ranges from coaching teams on Agile methodologies to developing software for embedded systems and satellite tracking; his list of expertise goes on. For all this time, Mr. Pugh has provided superior development services and training for many high-profile clients, including Raytheon, Monsanto, and Prudential.

With three decades of experience comes a certain level of wisdom and understanding of software development ideologies that are unmatched. Mr. Pugh believes that out of the box thinking is not only necessary but should be considered the very foundation of software testing. He goes on to explain that functional testing isn’t enough, and using your creativity is the only way to twist and bend the software and find those defects that otherwise would have been overlooked.

As for my question about testing in an Agile environment. Mr. Pugh is an advocate for acceptance test driven development (ATDD), which is creating acceptance tests before development begins. This Agile process calls for a collaborative team understanding of what the software is and how it should function. Mr. Pugh goes on to explain that using ATDD eliminates the time pressure so many testing teams feel, because the test cases have been created before a line of code has been written.

See below for the full interview with Ken Pugh about creative software testing in Agile environments:

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