Creative Software Testing In Agile Environments | Bob Galen

If you're an Agile pro, chances are you've heard the name Bob Galen. Mr. Galen is an expert in SCRUM and Agile practices and someone who is to be admired in the software development world. Just to put into perspective how well-achieved Mr. Galen is, he is one of only 49 people in the world (as of 2012) to be deemed a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC).

I had the chance to speak with Bob Galen at Better Software Conference in Boston back in November 2013. Although Mr. Galen isn't considered a software tester per se, his knowledge of Agile software development and testing team practices is unmatched, so I was definitely grateful to get his insight on why creativity is such an important trait in software testing.

Mr. Galen sees that creativity is important at the fundamental core of software testing. Creativity is essentially what derives critical thinking and without critical thinking you can't be a very good software tester. For the second question about time constraints in an Agile environment essentially dismantling creativity, Mr. Galen perceives this as a problem throughout the software industry.

How do you react when under immense pressure? It makes sense; many of us become blind to what would otherwise be so apparent when we are being pushed so hard to deliver on unrealistic goals.

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