Committing to Quality as a Team

MeetUI 2013 in Stockholm is over, but it continues to live on in our hearts - and through the recorded presentations from the event.

Ulrika Malmgren, an Agile testing consultant at Citerus, was one of the presenters during MeetUI. Below you can view here presentation about Committing To Quality as a Team.

In this presentation, Ulrika shares her view on quality being the results of a team commitment. Her vision is a world in which testers are involved in the develop process, and developers eagerly invite them to participate. Ulrika argues that this is the recipe for effective and high quality software, and a more enjoyable team to work in. She also presents the complete history of the House Targaryen (watch the presentation to get that joke).

View Ulrika's full presentation from MeetUI 2013 below:

About the presenter: Ulrika is currently a consultant at Citerus and is holding courses and seminars in Agile Testing. Ulrika has been passionate about testing since 2004 and, through her numerous projects and clients over the years, is an expert in both manual and automated testing. Ulrika has also been one of the organizers of the Agile Sverige conference for three years. Connect with Ulrika on Twitter.

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