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Test and Monitor | Posted July 10, 2007

AutomatedQA starts beta testing for TestComplete 6 - the next version of our industry acclaimed automated testing tool for Win32, .NET, WPF and Java applications. This new version includes many exciting new features and enhancements that will help you create more powerful and thorough tests and organize the testing process better.

The beta test application link is at the end of this post.

Here’s a list of some of the new and enhanced features:

  • Support for popular grid controls

    TestComplete 6 introduces an enhanced support for the most popular third-party grid controls by Microsoft, Developer Express, Infagistics, Syncfusion and Borland. For each of these grid controls, TestComplete includes special program objects that let you simulate various user actions and work with grid data. Of course, actions performed over grid controls are now recorded via these objects.

  • Improved Web Testing

    Version 6 introduces a new web tree model that reflects the actual parent-child relationship between web page elements. This model uses elements’ type names instead of tag names, for example:

    Panel(0).Table("tblMain").Cell(1, 2)

    Using the new model, you can easily locate and address the desired elements (for example, ASP.NET grid cells) from scripts. In addition, the new model works faster than the DOM and Tree models, so it can greatly speed up web page testing.

  • Support for Java controls

    In TestComplete version 6, support for Java controls has been greatly enhanced. TestComplete now includes special program objects that let you work with about 20 Java controls, including JButton, JComboBox, JCheckBox, JList and others. Now TestComplete records actions with Java controls using methods and properties of new objects rather than ordinal coordinate clicks.

  • Testing 64-bit applications

    TestComplete 6 supports 64-bit applications created with Visual C++, .NET or Java. Testing of 64-bit applications in TestComplete does not differ from testing 32-bit applications. That is, you can record and play back actions over 64-bit applications using the same program objects, methods and properties that you use to work with 32-bit applications.

  • Testing web services

    Using a new WebServices project item you can easily create functional tests for web services. You do not have to do much scripting -- TestComplete will help you generate the script code needed to call web service methods and check their results.

  • Checkpoints

    In TestComplete 6, you can create checkpoints to verify object properties, compare files, images and XML documents, check databases and contols’ data, verify web pages and web services. Special TestComplete wizards will help even inexperienced users easily create checkpoints and verification code.

  • Code Editor Improvements

    The Code Editor has been greatly enhanced in TestComplete 6. Now it supports the Autocompletion feature, displays parameter hints for user-defined script routines and lists these custom routines along with the script’s global variables in the Code Completion window.

  • Name Mapping Improvements

    In TestComplete 6, you can map objects not only by their immediate property values, but also by properties of the objects returned by the immediate properties. In addition, information about properties and methods of mapped objects can now be available in the Code Completion window.

Also, TestComplete 6 includes new improved scripting objects, offers better support for complex WPF controls, lets you organize the project contents into custom folders, clone projects, export and import TestComplete settings, and much more. You can find a complete list of changes at

Apply for the beta test to try out the new functionality of our product. For a chance to participate, please fill in the survey at to send it to our support team. We will process your request and let you know the results.


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