8 Reasons Why Developers Hate Marketers
Test and Monitor | Posted October 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered why there is such hostility between developers and marketers? We did! So we decided to ask what exactly it was about marketers that got developers all worked up.

By nature, developers and marketers are innately different. There is often a disconnect between the development of a product and its marketing strategy, especially in the software field.

We gave developers the opportunity to vent about their marketing pet peeves. Hopefully, a mutual understanding can increase productivity…  and limit the cat fighting.

1. Interruptions

No one likes to be interrupted! When we’re in the groove, advertisements and emails have the opposite effect of what marketers desire. All that noise just makes developers angry.

2. "Easy" Feature Requests

Most marketers haven’t developed software at any point in their careers. So, they don’t realize what goes into the development of an “easy feature.” It’s a lot more complex than they think it is!

3. Evaluation Requests

Evaluating new products takes a ton of time out of the day. Sometimes developers just can’t afford that when there’s a million other things to do before the day ends

4. "Buy Me!"

We might be the one who uses your product, but we don’t always make the purchase decision. Usually someone higher up takes care of that.

5. Understanding the Product

One of the loudest complaints that developers have about marketers is that they don’t understand the products that they’re marketing. They lack the knowledge about what the product actually does and why someone might want to buy it.

6. The Sprint

When marketing doesn’t understand our product, they often make fictional claims about its capabilities… Which means developers have to scramble to add those features!

7. Broken Promises

When you’ve found a tool that you’ll love, everything is perfect… Until you actually go to use it and the product doesn’t do what you wanted it to do at all.

8. Last but not least...

Ridiculous lists like this one!

So yes, it can be frustrating for developers and marketers to understand each other.  It helps if everyone communicates their concerns in a constructive way. Sharing this deck might help. The more that marketers and developers can be transparent and educate each other, we’ll all be better off.

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