7 Ready Made Test Extensions
Test and Monitor | Posted November 20, 2008

Script extensions allow you to create your own custom checkpoints and scripting objects. Here are 7 of the extensions I've written so far. Feel free to download them, tweak them, collect them or trade them with your friends. :)

Credit Card Checkpoint
Verifies credit card numbers are in the correct format (note: it does not determine if a credit card number is valid)
Registry Checkpoint
Verifies a value in the registry
Run Command
Runs a program without needing to add the program to the TestedApps node
SSN Checkpoint
Verifies social security numbers are in the correct format. (note: it does not determine if a SSN is valid)
Validate Directory Contents
Stores a list of files in a directory, and then compares that list to the files in the directory at runtime.
Wait for Object
Allows users to select an object on screen, and specify an amount of time TestComplete should wait for that object to be displayed.
Zip Code Checkpoint
Verifies zip codes are in the correct format.

To install these, just download and copy them to your TestComplete install directory and restart TestComplete:

c:Automated QATestComplete 6BinExtensionsScriptExtensions

You'll find the new commands on the toolbars next to the built-in checkpoints.


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