3 Hidden Gems in SoapUI Pro
Test and Monitor | Posted April 18, 2013

As a company, we always want to make sure all of our users are getting as much out of our tools as humanly possible. So, in an effort to make sure that is happening, we surveyed 273 SoapUI users a few months back (thanks again!) to find out what functionalities are most used and what features, well... just aren't used in SoapUI Pro.

SoapUI Pro comes with a bunch of productivity and time saving features that make your testing faster and more efficient. Since we've already mentioned the most used (or useful) features of SoapUI Pro, I thought it was time to give some attention to the ones that you may not even know about.

Surprisingly, the data showed that more than 1/3 of SoapUI Pro users didn't know about or use the Refactoring feature, also known as the "hit a moving target" feature.

Below, I’ve highlighted common situations that this feature could be useful to you. Our SQL Query Builder and Security Generator features were also at the top of this list of hidden gems, so I will also show how they can be beneficial to your daily activities. Enjoy!

WSDL RefactoringWSDL Refactoring:

Problem: During the development process, the WSDL is constantly changing - if you don’t notice that the WSDL has changed, your tests are going to break. Along with changing all messages related to certain WSDL update - property transfers and Xpath expressions may need to be updated. Also Instead of having time to write new tests, you need to spend more time updating your tests to fit them to new WSDL.

Solution: The WSDL refactoring feature in SoapUI Pro easily updates all of your tests by providing a simple wizard that allows you to map old message elements to new ones instead of manually looking at, and replacing, project code. This feature also allows you to manually override or discard changes created by SoapUI during the process, ensuring that the correct result comes out in the end. By using SoapUI Pro Refactoring you'll not only increase your test quality, but decrease the time invested while also minimizing the risks.


SQL query builderSQL Query Builder:

Problem: When doing data-driven testing or using the JDBC test step to test the contents of your database, you need to build complex SQL queries, which could be both time consuming and complex for a non-technical person. You also need to spend more time debugging your SQL queries instead of creating and running new tests.

Solution: SoapUI Pro’s SQL Builder helps you build all SQL queries automatically by using point-and–click and simple graphical interface. This feature makes your data-driven testing remarkably easy and less time consuming whether you're a technical or non-technical person.


Security Generator

Security Generator:

Problem: Security testing is extremely important. This is especially true if the system is publicly available, but it is very complex and requires a lot of background knowledge. Usually security testing is not done because it often requires a specialist and can be very expensive to do. It’s also difficult to incorporate security testing as part of the regular process because it is such a time consuming act.

Solution: SoapUI Pro’s security test generator makes it extremely easy for you to create a set of complete security tests for your entire test case - in just a matter of seconds, I might add – in order to protect your services against the 10 most common attacks on the Web.

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