Driving Better Developer Experience with SwaggerHub Portal

  August 01, 2023

SmartBear is excited to announce the release of SwaggerHub Portal, a feature of SwaggerHub allowing you to customize consumer-facing documentation for your APIs to maximize API discoverability. With its intuitive interface, you can easily create onboarding guides, reference documentation, and other materials that help developers both understand and integrate your APIs into their applications.

With Portal, you can easily sync your API designs from SwaggerHub with zero context switching. This means you can update your API definitions in SwaggerHub and the changes will be automatically reflected in Portal. This can save you time and effort, as you no longer have to manually update your documentation in two places.

In addition, Portal allows you to customize your documentation to meet the specific needs of your consumers. You can add your own logo, match your company font and colors, and create custom end-user guides to drive brand awareness in your documentation. This gives you the confidence to bring valuable documentation to market that consumers want to discover and integrate with.

Details of SwaggerHub Portal

  • Branding: A single environment to create a branded Portal to showcase API based products.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Create and maintain comprehensive documentation.
    • All the standard documentation elements, like lists, tables, and hyperlinks.
    • Code blocks and inline codes with syntax highlighting for several languages.
    • Embedded images, either as files or URL references.
  • API Design Synchronization: Share the API Designs you want to share with a full integration with SwaggerHub.
  • Automation: SwaggerHub Portal is built API first so we can ensure our customers can automate the hydration and publication of their Portal in such a way that compliments their review and governance process.

Benefits of API documentation

  • Increased Efficiency: Time is precious when it comes to software development and SwaggerHub Portal helps you save valuable time and resources by instantly syncing your API designs from SwaggerHub with no need for context switching.
  • Customization: With Portal, you can tailor your API documentation to suit your specific needs, branding, and customer expectations. You can change everything from the look and feel of your documentation to the content getting displayed to your customers.
  • Improved User Experience: Providing clear and concise API documentation.
  • Increased Adoption: Documentation that is easy to understand and interact with can make all the difference when it comes to API adoption. Portal's customizable features can help you drive adoption for your APIs and increase customer satisfaction.

Putting it All Together

SwaggerHub Portal is a powerful tool that creates a consistent customer experience across all your APIs.

By using Portal, you can create accurate, high-quality documentation that showcases your APIs – helping to drive adoption, save valuable time and resources, and ultimately make it easier for developers to integrate.

This new feature takes your documentation to the next level. Try SwaggerHub Portal today!