Slow App Performance? Here’s How to Fix It

  August 29, 2023

Excellent performance is key for any application, regardless of the framework or language. Today’s digital consumers demand speed and precision, and will quickly quit a sluggish app. That's why performance monitoring, especially Real User Monitoring (RUM), is important for every developer to implement.

We recently launched RUM for BugSnag, providing developers the visibility they need to ensure great application performance. Check out these blogs about app performance and learn more about how businesses and their applications can benefit economically from boosting performance through RUM.

Why Every Application Needs Real User Monitoring

The infographic says it all. Performance monitoring, specifically RUM, is critical for every application.

bad user experience directly impact conversion infographic

Boost Your Revenue & Customer Satisfaction with Real User Monitoring

Connect the dots between great app performance and great revenue growth. It all revolves around how your app performs to deliver a great customer experience, so users remain loyal.

RUM activity window

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