See You at IBM Think 2018

  March 13, 2018

SmartBear is a proud sponsor of IBM’s new flagship conference, IBM Think 2018. 

IBM Think builds off the success of the IBM Interconnect Conference, and will bring together leaders and visionaries from across the world of cloud technology, AI, storage, and other technologies that are shaping today’s connected world. 

Why we are excited about Think 2018 

SmartBear has been a long-time sponsor of IBM events, and offers integrations with IBM solutions across the software development lifecycle. Whether you’re a developer working in Rational Team Concert, or part of an API team deploying to the IBM Cloud in API Connect, we have tooling to help you achieve your goals. 

With more than 40,000 people expected to make the trip to Las Vegas for IBM Think, we are looking forward to the opportunity to connect with, and learn from the IBM community.  

One of the highlights of last year’s IBM Interconnect event was the opportunity we had to showcase our integrations with IBM API Connect in the SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI platform. We had the chance to learn firsthand from API architects within Enterprise organizations, and have used that feedback to evolve our tooling to better meet the needs of teams looking to scale their API development on the IBM Cloud. 

We also heard firsthand from developers working with the OpenAPI Specification, which is the standard API definition for APIs deployed on API Connect, about the different approaches they are taking to documenting their APIs with OpenAPI (OAS). This year we’ll be showcasing our newest tool, Swagger Inspector, which provides an easy path to getting started with OAS by generating an API definition from an existing API endpoint.   

We’ve also learned from the IBM Community at previous year’s events about topics we know are important to our userbase, including the challenges teams face when it comes to maintaining software quality, while continuing to meet the demands of shorter, more frequent release cycles, and how trends like “shift left” are impacting dev and QA teams. And we continue to use the feedback we receive from developers working in the IBM ecosystem, about how we can make our tools fit more seamlessly into their existing workflows. 

What we have planned for Think 2018 

SmartBear will be located at kiosks 104/105. Throughout the week, we will be doing live demonstrations of our API lifecycle solutions, like SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI, as well as our tooling across the software development lifecycle, including: Collaborator for code and document review, Alertsite for synthetic monitoring, and testing tools like TestCompleteCrossBrowserTesting, and QAComplete 

We will also be doing live presentations, which will broadcast on the SmartBear Facebook Page. These sessions are a great opportunity to learn new strategies, and ask questions from the team. 

Here are the sessions we have planned: 

  • Accelerating Your API Lifecycle with OpenAPI, Swagger, and API Connect — Tuesday, March 20 @ 7pm PT 
  • Standardizing Your Code Review Process with Collaborator and RTC — Wednesday, March 21 @ 4pm PT 

And of course, we will have plenty of fun activities and giveaways as well (including a special nostalgic raffle item, a Nintendo NES Classic Edition, which you won’t want to miss).  

Heading to IBM Think 2018? Let us know in the comments below. Can’t make it to the show? Be sure to follow @SmartBear on Twitter for the latest updates from the show.