Perfecto Mobile Monitoring Powered by SmartBear

  November 18, 2014

SmartBear and Perfecto Mobile have announced a joint partnership. We have developed an integrated solution MobileCloud Monitoring , powered by SmartBear, to provide testing and monitoring for native mobile applications. Let me take you through what we’ve done.

Perfecto Mobile provides a cloud based environment where actual smartphones and tablets running a variety of operating system are connected to a variety of mobile carriers. They have 15 locations in which they have installed this environment, in order to utilize “local” carriers around the world.

Mobile application developers (of native apps) who use the Perfecto service can use this environment to upload and test their applications on actual devices connected to actual carriers.

SmartBear’s Alertsite UXM provides a post-deployment monitoring solution for Web applications, API’s and Mobile applications. The solution continuously runs ‘monitors’ that emulate real user activity against the applications to detect errors and degradation in performance, before actual users experience them. These monitoring scripts can be scheduled to run from a global network of 81 locations to model traffic and access from various geographies. Alertsite UXM offers a sophisticated scheduling engine, an execution and data aggregation engine and an alerting & reporting capability.

In order to provide a mobile monitoring solution you need certain capabilities:

• A way to create tests against native mobile apps - scripts

• A way to execute tests on a variety of mobile devices running of different carrier networks

• A scheduling function- how often, what scripts and from where do we run them

• Data collection and aggregation

• The ability to Alert on the data. This implies the ability to

  • set thresholds
  • detect differences, errors and degradations in performance
  • send immediate notifications

• The ability to report on the data collected.

MobileCloud Monitoring , powered by SmartBear is an integrated solution and is made up of the following components:

Perfecto Mobile provides:

• Scripting tool to test activity against mobile applications

• A set of physical mobile devices setup on various carrier networks

• Script execution engine and aggregation of data.

AlertSite provides:

• Creation of a continuous monitoring based on a Perfecto Mobile Script.

• Scheduling engine to run these monitors

• Alerting

• Reporting

We are really excited about this partnership and are sure it will provide a needed solution to the problem of how to test and monitor native mobile applications quickly easily and accurately.

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