SmartBear Engineering Summit 2018
#lifeatsb | Posted February 22, 2018

Working on a global team can be tough sometimes. With 7 different offices all over the world, we try to do what we can to make sure that everyone feels like they’re apart of the SmartBear team- regardless of location.

That’s why we had Engineering Week at our global headquarters in Somerville, MA! We had the pleasure of hosting all of our Development Leads from all of our offices for a week of brainstorming, learning and catching up!

Over the course of the week, the team got the chance to discuss common challenges that they all development teams face, and share experiences and solutions to make everyone’s lives easier.

“We meet on a regular basis, but we seem to get a lot more done when we are all together,” said Martin Loewinger, Director of SaaS Operations, “It is great to be able to sit down with a cup of coffee and hash things out. It’s also very refreshing to hear from the leads in other offices, and see that we share many of the same challenges. We have an awesome team, with great Dev Leads, and we accomplish great things when we get together.”

Being at our global headquarters also gave the development teams the chance to connect with other SmartBear teams. Each Dev lead got the chance to meet with the product and marketing teams behind the products they work on.

"Our teams do a great job working remotely, but it's hard to understate the value of face to face meetings,” said Jeffrey Martin, Product Owner, “I really appreciate the chance to share perspectives with the other internal Development teams as well, plus they're all fun to talk too."

The week wasn’t all about work, though. Engineering Summit is also great for getting to know each other! SmartBear is a global company, so often some of our closest colleagues work half way around the world. Because of this, getting the chance to spend some quality time together in person is a treat.

“In an organization as international and distributed as ours, getting together is crucial to get to know each other. It makes it much easier to collaborate when we are all back home and can only meet with video calls where time, and sometimes connectivity issues, define what gets discussed,” said Fredrik Svaren, Development Manager.

We can’t wait to have everyone back for Engineering Summit 2019!


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