80 Tips for Writing Better Code from Real Developers
#lifeatsb | Posted February 28, 2017

What is the best piece of advice you have for a developer (or a team of developers) to write better code?

That is the question we asked hundreds of developers across a wide variety of industries. We reached out to our customers, posted on social media and even sites like Hacker News, where more than 100 people commented and shared their best advice. The end result? An eBook highlighting the best of the best tips.

A few of our favorite tips are:

  1. Talk About It – Whether it’s writing internal documentation, user documentation, discussing things with another developer or just talking to a rubber duck, forcing the concepts into sentences can really help you think about them.

  1. Be Nice to “Future You” – If in six months, you open up the code and can’t figure out what’s going on right away, you have done something wrong. Don’t screw over “future you” by trying to be cute, taking shortcuts or rushing.

  1. Smart Optimization – Optimized code is a one-way street. Usually, there is no going back or extending the code. Readability, maintainability and reliability should get truly optimized.

Read the full eBook for tips on selecting the right tools, understanding the role of testing, collaboration on development teams and more.

Do you have a tip you’d like to share? Let us know @SmartBear.


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