It’s Not You, It’s HPE…or Micro Focus

  April 04, 2018

Last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.’s (HPE) decision to spin off and sell its software assets in an $8.8 billion deal to U.K.-based company Micro Focus came to fruition, making Micro Focus one of the world’s largest ‘pure-play’ software vendors in the industry.

Since the merger, the chatter regarding the future of the company, its tools, its employees, and what this all means for customers has intensified. HPE’s future has been shrouded in mystery and the growing concerns stemmed from the unknown answer as to how they would continue to improve their vast portfolio of software products. Will the company neglect its duty to continue innovating the existing product lines?  From the massive layoffs over the past year, to its declining revenue forecast, as well the recent collapse of Micro Focus’s shares after appointed CEO Chris Hsu stepped down, the answer has slowly unraveled.

The question is no longer, “What will happen?” The deal has closed. It’s done. If you’re an HP customer, your question should be, “What will I do next”? Ahem – break up with HPE / Micro Focus.

Learn from their Exes

We understand that change is tough. You’ve spent months, maybe even years building a solid relationship and finding your groove. Despite your support struggles, overpaying for nice-to-have features you never use, hidden fees, and lack of a promising roadmap, you made it work. The tools have been the backbone of your software strategy.

But why settle? While HPE / Miro Focus battles its own identity crisis, you still need to scale your testing efforts and release product improvements to remain competitive. You have needs - agility, flexibility, a support line you can count on, and someone with a foreseeable future. Someone with a reliable plan to continuously enhance product features and listen to customer requests. Someone like SmartBear.

And guess what? You’re not alone. Many companies, large and small, have been or are still in your exact position. QA architects from a large sports media and entertainment company spoke at our user conference back in September about how they switched from using HPE’s test management solution to QAComplete.

If you happened to skip the SmartBear customer video above, the QA architects decided to transition away from HPE due to the lack of new product features on the horizon and the unanswered support tickets; And these were just two of the reasons. While they found the tool itself useful, HPE’s Quality Center wasn’t nimble enough to keep pace with today’s modern software development strategies.

“However, it [Quality Center] is not flexible. And where we’re going with test management tools, where we’re going with automation tools, we need a test management tool that’s flexible.” – Anonymous QA Architect

If they migrated successfully, you can too.

Top Four Reasons to Migrate to SmartBear

To mitigate your own calamities, you should consider switching now, or risk your products becoming just as antiquated as HPE’s.


SmartBear’s Migration Solutions: Test Management & Automated Testing

Migrating UFT to TestComplete

TestComplete is an automated testing tool that enables teams to build, run, and analyze GUI tests for desktop, mobile, and web applications. It allows teams to create tests through a variety of scripting languages or through record and replay capabilities. Unlike UFT, TestComplete has lower licensing costs and renewal rates, and is easier to get ramped up on for users of all skill levels. Users can attend free training and onboarding programs, join the robust TestComplete user community and take advantage of the tool’s inherent support for the following:

  • A wider variety of scripting languages including Python, VBScript, JavaScript, Jscript, Delphi
  • Integrations with source control management systems Git, Mercurial, SVN, TFS
  • IDE integrations with VisualStudio & RadStudio
  • Integrations with popular API and web testing tools like SoapUI and Selenium

Migrating Quality Center to QAComplete

QAComplete is a customizable test case management tool that will adapt to your team’s needs.  The tool integrates with a myriad of bug tracking and test automation platforms and will enable you to effectively run, manage, and analyze your manual and automated test cases from one centralized location.  As compared to Quality Center, QAComplete can be accessed through an exhaustive range of web browsers and operating systems, has lower renewal rates and licensing costs, a lively user community, and free training and onboarding programs for new and returning users, as well as support for the following:

  • An exhaustive range of web browsers and operating systems that the product can be access on
  • In-depth reporting capabilities: The tool provides pre-configured reports and dashboards that can be easily customized to meet your needs
  • Out of the box-integrations with tools like Selenium, SoapUI, and TestComplete.
  • Integrations with bug-tracking and CI tools such as Jira

Migration Partners – Ready to assist

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