Water Balloon War
Develop | Posted November 23, 2009

We work hard.  And we play hard.  In particular, we like to experiment with science! 

Roy has a water balloon launcher (sort of a catapult device) and Nik brought in some balloons.  We took advantage of the nice weather by combining the two.

The goal was to launch a water balloon from our balcony to the balcony of another building in our office complex.  According to Google Earth, it is 95 yards (87 meters) from our balcony to the balcony of that "enemy" building.  Keep in mind, though, that it is uphill!

After firing a practice round at the parking lot, we were ready to take aim at our target.  It took a few tries, but we made it!

Full photo album here.

After the successful launch we realized we only had still photos, so Lisa took one more shot which we captured on video:


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