Video: Editor of Mobile Commerce Daily on mobile retail strategies and user expectations
Develop | Posted October 11, 2010

As we mentioned in our preview of the Annual Summit, one of the major themes of this year's event was mobile. put together a great line-up of presentations and roundtables hosted by some of the retail industry's most active brands in the mobile channel. Luckily, we had a chance to attend one of the panels in this curriculum -- "Taking Luxury Brands Mobile: Strategic and Tactical Execution" -- which demonstrated how luxury brands such as Godiva and Kenneth Cole are using mobile to reach customers.

The panel was moderated by Mickey Alam Khan, the Editor in Chief of Mobile Commerce Daily, Mobile Marketer and Luxury Daily. After the panel, Mickey sat down with us on camera to talk about the use of the mobile channel by retailers as well as customer expectations on the availability of mobile websites.

In the interview, Mickey explains that shoppers today expect 24/7 access to your brand, and that mobile is no longer a luxury. Instead, it is a necessity for retailers to have a uniform presence across all their platforms, mobile included. Regarding the performance (that is, the availability and responsiveness) of mobile websites, Mickey says, "Today's consumer is extremely impatient ... The expectation is that the minute I click the address in the browser, the site should pull up within seconds."

This was a sentiment shared across all the panelists in Mickey's session, as they, too, discussed the importance of knowing what your website looks like and how it functions on users' mobile devices.

We won't give away too much more of the conversation. But if you're interested in hearing more about the required components for a successful mobile strategy, the role site performance will play in the mobile user experience, and a few examples of how popular retail brands are using mobile today, be sure to watch the video below.


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