TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: Recording Improvements
Develop | Posted April 20, 2010

TestComplete 8 includes some very noticeable recording improvements. These include changes in the recording toolbar, the settings used for recording and storing information on objects’ methods and properties in your automated tests.

New Recording toolbar

The most visible change is the design of the Recording toolbar. The new Recording toolbar looks like the following in Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Recording toolbar (expanded)

As you can see, you can now expand and collapse the toolbar. You can hide certain buttons and leave only the mostly used items visible to reduce the toolbar’s dimensions.

Another improvement is that you can rename the test during recording. This may be useful if you want to replace a default name like Test1 with something meaningful. To rename the test, you just have to click the icon in the header, type the new name and press ENTER.

Also, the Record button now blinks during test recording and indicates that TestComplete is in the recording mode. This can be very useful for novice users and help them understand that the recording mode has already started and all of your actions are being recorded.

Focus on the tested applications

Earlier versions of TestComplete recorded all user actions during test recording. TestComplete 8 can be configured to only record user actions over the tested applications. To enable this behavior, add the desired applications to the to the Tested Applications or WinCE Tested Applications collection of your project and then enable a new Record user actions over tested applications only option in the Tools | Options -> Engines | Recording dialog:

Recording Options dialog

This feature allows you to automatically ignore actions that you perform on non-tested applications when recording automated tests and concentrate only on the tested applications. You will no longer have to pause the recording each time you work with an additional application during recording and you can click any control of a different application and TestComplete will not record these clicks. This feature makes it easier to multitask without having to perform extra steps in your test recording.

Storing info on mapped objects’ methods and properties

The recording engine of TestComplete 8 includes a new feature that makes life even easier when using TestComplete. Now, TestComplete stores information about methods and properties of objects during test recording. This means a more convenient test authoring experience, because it enables you to add or edit keyword test operations or scripts that use these methods even when your tested application is not running or the tested object is not available in the application at the moment. That is, now it is not necessary to launch a tested application each time you want to get access to its objects’ properties or methods. You can run the application just once (while test recording TestComplete will store the methods and properties of all the mapped application’s objects) and use the stored methods and properties then.


We hope the recording improvements described above will help you in creating more stable and comprehensible automated tests. You can use the new features in the TestComplete Beta. If you are interested in trying these features and many others, apply for the Beta version today.


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